About Akat

In 1967 Oktay Akat, as an electrical engineer, had established AKAT ENGINEERING COMPANY and had started to take project and contract works. Later in 1982, ELKOR ENGINEERING LIMITED COMPANY was established which mainly focused on import and export. In 1983, with an increase of capital equity, the company became a corporate company and was renamed to AKAT ENGINEERING CORPORATION. The activities of the company continue today as a corporate entity.
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About Corrosion

Most metals in nature exist in form of compounds (oxides) since they are stable in this form. Metals that can be used in daily life and industrial applications are produced by changing the form of these compounds using external energy. This process requires energy, knowledge and appropriate materials. Once the form of metals change they become unstable since production processes infuse external energy and unstable metals try to return to their stable compound form.

About Cathodic Protection

In contrast to coating of pipes in order to prevent corrosion, cathodic protection directly interfere with the ongoing electro chemical process of corrosion. For cathodic protection electrons provided from main source or galvanic cells are send to protected structure and the potential of metal is decreased. The intensity of cathodic protection current which will force metal to behave like a cathode depends on bare (uncoated) portion of pipeline and electrolytic environment’s (soil) resistivity.

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